Monday, September 22, 2008

Tins Tins Tins

Ya know those tins you get when you buy gum or mints (Altoids) or a metal cylinder that tea comes in or those little tiny lunch box style tins that Target sells that have old school candy in them? It bugs me. I just want to collect all the used tins in the world and find homes for them. Artists could use them to make little shrines. Kindergarten classes all across America could do crafts with them. Crafters could turn them into little holders of tiny supplies and store them in a wall shelf. Hmmm, sigh. So much potential. The logistics of gathering and organizing and disbursing is another story.

1 comment:

GracefulFire Girl said...

I have an entire grocery bag full of those tins! My office goes thru them like crazy. Drives me nuts!

Love your work on eBay - fabulous! Keep it up!

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