Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Shrug I DIY'd...it came out lovely if I do say so myself! Sorry to brag!
It originates from an 80's boxy jacket. I cut off a bunch of the length, took up some fabric with darts/seams at the bottom so it would be fitted around body and added a velvet binding. Pretty simple actually.

This one was the next one I did after the houndstooth shrug. This was an old blazer I'd had for a few years that just totally lost it's appeal--especially after I moved to the heat! I flipped the collar up and folded & stitched down the lapels and added gold military buttons. It also had lots of tucks that created an interesting back.

This is one of my latest that is up on Ebay right now. Not sure if it will appeal to the die-hards but I thought it turned out great--not only because it's cute but because I used almost every single inch of fabric. It started as a dumpy vest (see bottom pic) that I cut 11" off of, added little sleeve caps, neck cuff and tab-n-buckle (from the back cincher).

Okay, last one: This is my attempt at a "Waistcoat Shrug" and I was pleased with the results. You really can't go too wrong with Victorian Era clothes--they're just SO fabulous, no?! Cut it to shape, did the collar flip and instead of laying down the lapels, I left them up and did a "french cuff" closure treatment. Also, I had a cinch-clip laying around (think it came off of a yucky old 80's playsuit--super ICK) and covered it with self-fabric to give the waist a little more shape.

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bamabelle said...

Oooh, I LOVE the shrugs! Bonzie is a fave of mine, too. I am honored to be featured here!
THNX, Bamabelle

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