Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The thing that inspires me most is to see something that has been completely transformed from its original form into something that people love to see and want to use or wear. These are artists/seamstresses who inspire and/or make me feel happy to be associated in that category with them:
There is a gal who sells vintage and re-made vintage in her Etsy shop, BamaBelle Vintage Boutique:
She takes old vintage that is too flawed to wear as is and makes it wearable; so basically she saves stuff from being thrown away! We LIKE, LOVE & COVET that! Here is one of her corsets:

Here is a shop, Nue To Me, that recycles old tee shirts into adorable precious little dresses for kiddos: How stinkin' cute is this pirate dress from the shop:

There is another gal, Bonzie, who sells her wearables on which she makes from vintage materials and upcycled clothing and it is amazing! She also does quite a bit of very creative bridal pieces. Definitely check it out:
This one of her jackets that is for sale in her shop. Gorgeous, no?!

One more for the day and we'll call it good. I LOVE this KISS infant sleeper by RACHZEL (sold on Etsy at ):

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kim* said...

cute items. i really like this site.

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